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Protection for Camera Gear in Mobile Environments
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Camera Security Bags - Anti-Theft Bags for Camera Gear

The safety and security of cameras from theft is a very important topic among those who travel as well as professional photographers - which is why camera security bags are the perfect solution to protect camera gear and more importantly, digital images that can't be replaced.  With one of the various styles, you now you have several camera security bag solutions. 

The following will provide a little more background information on how cameras are stolen, resources to help people find stolen cameras, as well as a variety of new security security bags designed to help protect camera equipment, which until recently, few solutions were available.

Most Common Locations where Camera Gear is Stolen

While many photographers will tell you the only safe place for your camera and related gear is when you are holding it - anything or anywhere else has varying degrees of vulnerability.  The following are the most common locations where cameras are stolen:

Cameras Stolen when Left in Vehicles

We have all done it - left an expensive camera in a bag inside a parked vehicle.  While just going into a restaurant or if left momentarily in the trunk of a car during a photo shoot, cars are extremely easy to break into with a small screwdriver or by simply smashing the window. One entry is made, the camera bag is simply removed and you gear is in the wind.

Camera Gear Stolen when Left Unattended at Photo Shoots

Very common theft locations - depending on the amount of public who is at the location.  If you have several cameras or other gear you need to set down during a photo shoot - how safe if the bag from someone just picking up the bag and walking away?  Especially if the shoot is in a public location.  Until now, photographers had little option to secure gear left in photo shoots with unknown people having access to the area.  

Cameras Stolen From Hotel Rooms

Enter the words "camera stolen from hotel room" in Google and you will get back 418,000 hits (yes I know not all are directly related, but you get the idea) and you will find countless entries of cameras being stolen out of hotel rooms, pool areas, and other related locations. The problem with hotel rooms is that if the in room safe will hot hold your camera gear, how do you secure it from theft when the maid is cleaning the room?  This is a big concern if someone walks in when a thief pretends your room is theirs and maid will usually let them in if they play the part.  Now you have viable camera anti theft solutions to protect your gear left in hotel rooms, the pool.

Camera Theft at the Beach or Outdoor Locations

How many times have you taken your camera gear outdoors ended up leaving it unattended for one reason or another.  It is very easy for someone to just walk up, pick up your camera bag and walk away.  The beach is another that is ripe with snatch and run camera thefts. Several camera bag security solutions are now available to protect cameras at these locations. 

Keep in mind that some camera thieves are very skilled.  Watch this video that shows a set of thieves steal a camera lens right off a travelers camera in Russia.

 Camera Security Bag Solutions

Pacsafe V25 Camera Security BackpackThe following are a few of the new camera security bags available on the market today.  it should be noted that any bag, no mater how many or strong the security features are - can be stolen with the right tools and time.  

These camera security bags are designed to make them a deterrent from the opportunist camera thief, or other person who makes a living on stealing cameras from car trunks, hotels, or other non-secured locations.

The PacSafe Camsafe Venture V25 Camera Security Backpack is perfect for avid photographer, adventure, or traveler who needs to know that their gear is secure and protected, whatever the location.  The Camsafe Venture V25 Backpack is more than your basic photo backpack as it's not only going to hold your gear, but its going to hold it securely with features that other packs don't offer.

The Camsafe Venture V25 can be customized to fit a DSLR camera with zoom lens, flash and extra lens. It also has specially designed pockets for smaller items such as cords, batteries and SD cards. It has a sister version which is smaller, the Venturesafe V16. If you don’t think the theft of camera gear is a problem, simply Google the words “camera theft” and see for yourself.

The CamSafe Venture V25 is designed with the camera enthusiast in mind and features a variety of camera specific compartments, dividers, and pockets to hold and separate you camera, lens, electronic gadgets, water bottles, SD cards and more.

Other versions of camera security bags can be found in various sizes depending on your need.  The Pacsafe V16 Camera Security Backpack is a smaller version of the V25, yet it has all of the same security features.

Pacsafe V16 Camera Security Backpack

Camera Security Straps

Camera security straps are another way to help security your expensive camera from theft.  The straps are different from others on the market, in that they have steel cables woven into the strap.  These cables are designed to stop cut and run thefts, where the thief may come up from behind, cut your non-security strap, then flee the area.  The below is just one of the several on the market.

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